Attic Control

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Minimize Your Exposure to Health Hazards with Attic Cleanup

  • Once your attic space has been inspected, and the critters identified, it's time to get them out! Dealing with rats in your attic space and other wildlife is not fun. Also, the attic cleanup process can be tedious.

  • Rat urine and feces contaminate your attic and smell horrible, and they can contaminate your insulation as well. Therefore, attic cleaning, and insulation replacement run hand-in-hand. You must understand that you and your family are breathing in this unhealthy contaminated air. Don't let your attic become a breeding ground for foul odor, filth, and disease!

  • Wildlife of all kinds can enter your attic or crawl space and cause a lot of damage. The first step is to get rid of the animals. If you currently have a rodent issue, we highly recommend our "Two-Part Service" that includes contaminated insulation removal followed by our full [attic decontamination] (Link to 8P) cleanup process.

  • First, we remove dead rodents and debris from your attic. Our technicians carefully handle materials to prevent cross-contamination during the transport and disposal process. We transport the infested and damaged

  • Next, depending on the type of infestation, we work toward removing any foul odors and contamination by applying the proper disinfectant to surfaces and letting it dry. Once dried, insulation installation takes place in the attic space to current standards.

  • We are a proud green company that utilizes environmentally safe Integrated Attic Cleaning Solutions. We use BioShield and PureGreen24 that contain no toxins, no alcohol, no VOCs, and no bleach. You must be careful because some decontamination chemicals used by other companies can be dangerous to your family's health.

Call us and let us handle the dirty work. Our specially trained team members properly assess any attic problems and develop a safe decontamination plan for each project. Our attic cleaning services are detailed, efficient, and protective. We guarantee that we will provide you with exceptional work.

Once your attic has been cleaned and decontaminated, we recommend our rodent proofing service to ensure there is no re-entry. We let rodents know they have no place in your home or place of business.